There is an old saying that still remains true; " Everything that looks good doesn't mean that it is"

Welcome to Tactical Home Inspection Service

Licensed & Insured - License #: HI9766

T.H.I.S specializes in Real Estate inspections which includes : Pool & Spa, Roof, Plumbing and HVAC inspections. We also offer: 4-Point Inspections and Wind Mitigation's.

"Highly Motivated and Truly Dedicated"

Why choose to have a Home Inspection?

  • Home Inspections can save money on home owners insurance
  • Reduce your closing cost
  • Lower monthly payments
  • Give confidence to the buyer
As experienced and highly trained, dedicated and motivated Inspectors, our responsibility to our clients are to report all defects as clearly and concisely as possible. No one wants to work hard for many years to make the largest investment in their lifes,which to many is the purchase of a new home, only to find out later that they have purchased a "lemon". We are here to help make sure that doesn't happen.